Concrete Staining – Perfect For Concrete Floors

Concrete staining

If you want to save time and money on repairs, Concrete Staining is a great way to go. It is a quick and easy way to restore a look that may have been ruined by years of neglect. Once the concrete has dried, the stains will peel right off. Before you start on your project, make sure you follow the steps listed below. These guidelines will save you both time and money.

Clean up and neutralize. Before pouring on the concrete staining, never forget to clear away any built-up dirt or grease. Then apply the neutralizer and clean up any excess dirt or grease. Attach the stakes to the bottom of the driveway and then walk around it to distribute the neutralizer evenly.

Choose the right color. There are literally thousands of different colors of decorative concrete stains. The easiest way to choose a color is to think of the color of your home’s siding or other exterior surface. You will be using this color most often, so make sure you choose a complementary color. For example, if you have brick color siding, you would probably want to choose a brown-colored stain to make the contrast between the brick and siding strong and noticeable.

Choosing a color other than natural stains. There are some stains that have a bluish tint that mimics the look of clay, marble or even granite. In some cases, the color can be too dark and bland to actually be an attractive contrast with the natural surroundings. To avoid this problem, consider choosing a darker shade of a contrasting color for your Concrete Staining project.

Prepare the Concrete Floor. Most people are surprised to find out that one of the most important Concrete Staining steps is the preparation of the concrete floor to get it ready for staining. Basic concrete flooring should be sealed with an epoxy coating before any Concrete Staining is done. Epoxy Coating is available at most home improvement stores and is easy to apply. It seals the concrete floor to keep water from penetrating the floor while Concrete Staining is being done.

Prepare the Staining Tool. After applying the epoxy coating, you will need a staining gun to put the colored Concrete Stains on the concrete surfaces. Because different kinds of stains require different amounts of pressure to set them, make sure you know what kind of pressure is needed to put a certain kind of stain on your Concrete Stairs or Pallet Floor. Usually, the more colorful the Stained area is, the higher the pressure is necessary.

Use the Proper Cleaning Materials. If the Concrete Staining does not take and maintains its clear color and does not fade in the sunlight, no Stained Decorative Staining should be used on the same area. Any kind of cleaning agents or paints must always be non-colored or in a matte finish. It must be dry, meaning that the Concrete Staining or Decorative Staining must dry without any streaks, mold, or wetness. Always wait until the concrete staining or decorative Staining is completely dry before applying a new coat of paint on the concrete surface.

Once you are done with your Concrete Stained project, always make sure to clean and rinse the area thoroughly to remove all traces of the Stained Material. You can use a mixture of warm water and mild soap or detergent. Make sure you do not rinse the concrete staining with water-based stains cleaner as the residue from the cleaner may cause the Concrete Staining to fade faster. If possible, do not let your Concrete Staining sit on moistened Concrete surfaces for a long time.